About Us


          Founded by Philip Gardiner in 2002

          Advanced Electronic Security (AES) is a Tri-State area based corporation created to meet the needs of an existing market place that requires the use of  Access Control, Closed Circuit Television, Photo Imaging, Alarm Monitoring, and Specialized Security Applications. The purpose of AES is to use over 40 years of experience in the electronic security industry to provide intelligent solutions to complex safety/security/human resource problems in the business community; including but not limited to Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Financial, Insurance, Real Estate, Law Enforcement, Education, and Petrochemical.

          Dedication, commitment to the customer and integrity.

          AES’s expertise is in analyzing a customers exposure, understanding their perception of the issues, reviewing the existing facilities, applying technology and policies to provide a solution to the customers needs.

          It is because of this approach that AES has been successful in a wide range of markets

          During any consultation we consider the end users risks, facilities, employees, policies and procedures to develop a comprehensive plan that is inclusive of the end users goals while utilizing our industry knowledge to craft a multifaceted solution to the perceived and real problems.

We are a true security systems integrations company

  • Capable of supporting all manufacturers of access control.
  • Capable of supporting all manufacturers of CCTV systems.
  • Capable of supporting all manufacturers of intercom equipment.
  • Trained in fiber optic communication design.
  • Trained in electronic technology.
  • Trained in network management.
  • Trained in (International Building Code) code compliancy issues related to the industry
  • AES is a member of several national organizations which provide sales, service, and Installation outside of our geographical area. This association allows for a seamless, and coordinated solution to customers who have offices in other cities

Past projects include:

  • FBI headquarters Washington DC.
  • DEA Washington DC.
  • NSA Maryland.
  • Republic National Bank NY, NY.
  • United Technologies Long Island, NY.
  • Merck & Company Whitehouse, NJ.
  • Mobil Oil Refinery Paulsboro, NJ.
  • Colonial Penn Group Philadelphia, PA.
  • General Accident Philadelphia, PA.
  • Comcast Philadelphia, PA.

AES skilled technicians, secure, trained and screened